This Week’s Learning (wb 07.01.19)

Topic: Children have got stuck into our new topic ‘Life’s Legacy’ this week and enjoyed their hook activities. These included making a class book about their life so far and what they hoped would happen in the future and having a class reunion, where they pretended they were 20 years into the future with their dream jobs. Children also thought about what they want to learn throughout the term and recorded this on their KWL grids. Near the end of the week, children were thoroughly engaged when learning about human evolution and were able to place different stages on a timeline to show the process.

Maths: Children have been learning about percentages this week and started by finding the percentage of an amount or quantity. They then looked at increasing/decreasing amounts by a certain percentage or finding the percentage increase/decrease when given two amounts. They also looked at comparing percentages of different amounts.

Homework and Spellings

This week children will be bringing home a maths based task in their books. This needs to be returned by Thursday 17th January.

Children also have a set of spellings to learn and will be tested on Friday 18th January.  A copy of these can be found below.

Children also have the 6 times table division facts to learn this week and will be tested on Friday 18th January.

Next Week’s Learning

RE: children will be starting their learning on Buddhism and looking at what the term ‘buddha’ means.

PSHE: children will be setting goals for themselves to help them reach the dreams they identified in the previous lesson

Indoor PE: children will be performing different shape jumps when dismounting off a vault.

Outdoor PE: children will learn how to maintain a rally in tennis by using forehand and backhand strokes.