This Week’s Learning

Topic: Children began the week by summarising the main Mayan religions and their beliefs in the Gods. They then worked in groups to identify the features of myths and planned their own myth using a story map style (see below). They collected a wide range of vocabulary for their myth, using a thesaurus to up-level words they had chosen. Children were then able to write great Mayan myths and then edited them with the help of a partner.

Maths: Children have enjoyed learning how to solve algebraic equations this week and have become much more confident in doing so. They started by describing patterns in number sequences and solidified their understanding of a ‘term’. They then had a go writing their own expressions and solving  others, before solving a range of problems. On Friday, children found pairs of numbers that could satisfy an equation and when there were two unknowns.

PSHE: children thought about what ’emotional wellbeing’ and what this meant to them. They discussed how they feel on bad/good days and how they deal with their emotions. We shared what opinions other people might have about mental health and how we can help people cope.

Outdoor PE: children continued practising their skills in football, this time focusing on where they could effectively be positioned on a pitch in order to pass the ball successfully to a teammate. They then put this into practise in a game situation.

Homework and Spellings

This week children will be bringing home a maths based task in their books, designed to help them practise breaking down problems similar to ones they will find in the SATs. This needs to be returned by Thursday 28th March.

Children also have a set of spellings to learn. They will be tested on Friday 29th March. A copy of these can be found below.

Children also have mixed times tables to revise this week and will be tested on Friday 29th March.